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Victorian Government cleaning blitz

man cleaning outdoor park bench 

The Victorian Government has announced a cleaning blitz across 10 regional and 26 suburban communities as part of the Working for Victoria initiative.

The cleaning blitz will ensure the community knows that local precincts are being carefully cleaned, while also providing jobs to many people who need them. The cleaning blitz, part of the Victorian Government’s $500 million Working for Victoria initiative and will create employment for people who have lost work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic while delivering a valuable community service.

More than 1,500 short term positions will see workers disinfect and wipe down external surfaces such as street benches, handrails and door handles, traffic light buttons, poles, bicycle stands and bins.

Cleaning blitz in Maroondah

Over the next few weeks Citywide Sanitisation Services contractors will be deep cleaning popular areas and communal touch points around Maroondah. 

Cleaning began in Maroondah on 16 May in Croydon Town Centre. Cleaning across high use outdoor spaces commenced from Monday 18 May, with eight larger community shopping precincts to commence cleaning from Wednesday 20 May.

The cleaning program will run 7 days a week, from 7am to 6pm, for a 28 day period. The cleaning team will consist of groups of 5 people (10 teams in total) who will be wearing hi-viz vests, identified as either Citywide or Working 4 Victoria.

Cleaning teams will have brochures with further information to provide to community members who enquire what they're doing. 

Teams will be using non-hazardous disinfectants - eco-friendly and hygiene safe - that are registered antimicrobial products.

Further information on the cleaning blitz can be found on the Citywide website

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