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Hoarding and squalor help

Example of hoarding

Image courtesy of Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, 2017

Hoarding is a complex mental health issue and it can often be hard for individuals affected or their families to find the help they need.

The perception from others can often be that hoarded items lack value, however, to the person collecting these objects or animals, they are of immense value and cannot be thrown away.

When ‘collecting’ begins to impact a person’s daily life, such as causing risks to personal safety, health and wellbeing or choosing possessions over relationships, then guidance and support should be offered.

Extreme collecting and squalid living not only affects the person demonstrating these behaviours, but can also affect family members, neighbours and animals.

Help available

If you are concerned about your own behaviour, or about someone else, the Maroondah Hoarding and Squalor Network's website can offer guidelines and resources.

The website is a practical resource for community and service providers that gives valuable information on hoarding and squalor risks and where you can find help.

Maroondah Hoarding and Squalor Network

Maroondah Hoarding and Squalor Network website

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