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Freedom of Information request form

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Application process

Once a valid request is received, Council will conduct a thorough and diligent search for the documents, assess them for any applicable exemptions, and conduct mandatory consultations and notifications of affected third parties.

We are required under the Act to respond to valid applications within 30 days, however this time frame may be extended if:

  • your application is not valid
  • a deposit is required on estimated access charges
  • Council is required to consult with third parties.

How to apply

Your request must be:

  • in writing
  • as specific as possible regarding the documentation you are seeking
  • accompanied by an application fee of $30.60

You can make a request or you can authorise another person to make a request on your behalf. If you want someone to make a request on your behalf for your personal information, you must give that person your written authorisation.

Your request must provide sufficient information for us to be able to identify and locate all relevant documents. When writing your request, be specific about which documents you are seeking and include as much information as possible. Think about:

  • what the documents relate to (for example, a complaint you made, or a particular project)
  • the date range in which the document may have been created
  • where the documents might be located (for example, in a particular email account, with a specific person, or held by a business or work unit)
  • the type of documents you seek (for example, an email, report, CCTV footage).

Please avoid using wording such as "all documents" because your request may end up being too large for us to process, or it may not be specific enough for us to identify the documents. If you are not sure how to frame your request, please contact us.

If the documents you are seeking access to relate to you personally, you may need to provide us with a certified copy of your identification. We may not be able to provide access to the requested documents if we cannot verify that you are the person who is the subject of the documents.

Apply and pay online

First, you'll be asked to enter your details as the applicant.

Freedom of Information request online

Apply in writing

FOI Request Application form  (pdf, 606KB)

FOI Request Application form  (docx, 134KB)

Download a hardcopy application form and submit it:

You will also need to visit one of Maroondah’s Service Centres to pay the application fee

Further information

For further information on FOI forms and processes:

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