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Street Activities Extension Permit

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We have introduced temporary outdoor dining options to help hospitality businesses expand their dining and table services during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The permit ensures businesses set up outdoor areas safely and expand their services in line with current restrictions. 

The following options are available depending on each location: 

  • use of footpath areas immediately in front of the business  
  • expansion onto neighbouring business' footpath area (provided there is written permission) 
  • occupying on-street car parking space immediately in front of the business 
  • partnering with neighbouring businesses to occupy sections of on-street car parking or localised street space 
  • partnering with neighbouring businesses to expand outdoor dining to unused public space. 
Street Activities Extension diagram of extended areas     Street Activities Extension diagram of corner

Have more questions before you apply? See our FAQs

To apply you will need to complete 3 steps: 

1. Find out if you are eligible 

Businesses are eligible if they: 

  • operate a business premises located in Maroondah City Council, and 

  • hold a valid Class 2 or 3 Service Sector Certificate of Registration under the Food Act 1984 (Vic) and/or a relevant Liquor License.  

Read the Street Activities Permit Policy and Guidelines and the Extension to Street Activities Permit Guidelines.

You should contact us to check eligibility if: 

  • your business is on a major arterial road, or
  • you wish to occupy a carpark on a road which has a speed limit of more than 60kmh.

Contact our Traffic Engineering Team on 1300 88 22 33 so that they can advise if you can extend your trading area in these circumstances.

Map of Council’s arterial roads  (pdf, 756KB)

If you need more help, please contact Council on 1300 88 22 33. 

2. Prepare your permit application 

To apply for a temporary outdoor dining permit you need to provide: 

  • a site plan, featuring a layout of the space and details on how it will be used
  • a risk assessment
    View a risk assessment example  (docx, 96KB)
  • Public Liability Insurance (Certificate of Currency) showing a current expiry date, providing a minimum indemnity of $20million. A tax invoice cannot be accepted.
  • Details of consultation and or support from neighbouring businesses
    See letter template or details such as name of trader, address, contact number and response can be provided in a word document or similar.
  • A red line' area plan if serving alcohol.
    See an example of a 'red line' plan.  (pdf, 375KB)

You should also:

  • have a COVID Safe Plan
    When preparing the plan, ensure you have considered the following:
    • How will your venue be able to accommodate patron safety and physical distancing? 
    • Will the extension to your trading parameters still allow adequate access for pedestrians, residents and essential vehicles? 
    • What will the impact of your expanded trading be on local residents and neighbouring non-hospitality businesses?

    For more information on what should be included in your COVID Safe Plan, visit the Business Victoria website. 
    For more information on guidance for the Food Services sector, view the FAQs on the Business Victoria website.

  • have a relevant business Liquor Licence
    If you need to apply for a Temporary Limited Licence to extend your business ‘red line’ area or apply for a new licence:
  • For the most up to date information on what is required, visit the VCGLR website

3. Apply for a permit 

After you have the items listed in Step 2, you are ready to apply for a permit. 

You can apply online or in writing:

Reviewing your application 

Once you submit your application, Council will review it according to the guidelines and make a decision. We may contact you if more information is needed, or if there are further requirements.. 

For further information, please see Council’s Street Activities Extension permit Guidelines 

If you are issued with a Street Activities Extension Permit 

Once a permit is issued Council will continue to work with businesses to help with the installation of safety equipment, including bollards. 

Fees and charges

Council is providing the Street Activities Extension Permit for free until 30 June 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more?  See our FAQs page

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