Skip bins

A permit is required when a skip bin is placed on public land. Fines apply where no permit has been issued. 

Do I need a permit?

  • A permit is required if the skip bin is to be placed on Council land, this includes the nature strip and road.
  • No permit is required if the skip bin is placed on private land. 

Placement of skip bins

If placed on Council land, the skip bin must:

Apply for a permit

The bin hire company who is providing a skip bin to a resident must apply for and be issued a permit prior to the placement of the bin. Most bin hire companies are aware of this requirement.

The assessment process may include an inspection of the site by a Local Laws Officer. If granted, the permit will be emailed to the bin hire company.

See application forms for placing bins and skips in public streets


View the Local Laws schedule of fees to see the cost for placing of skip bin on Council land. 

Accreditation for bin hire companies

Bin hire companies wishing to place a skip bin on Council land (and have not done so previously) will need to complete the online accreditation form. 

Accreditation process

Submit the following to Council:

  • Complete online Accreditation form
  • Upload valid Certificate of Currency of public liability insurance and listing Maroondah City Council as an interested party (to be submitted annually).  

See skip bin accreditation forms

Permit conditions

  • All requirements of VicRoads guidelines for placement of skips roadsides must be met.
  • Bins must not be on site for longer than the period specified on the permit.
  • No damage should be caused to Council property or infrastructure.
  • The skip bin must cause no nuisance, such as smell.
  • The bin hire company and/or property owner is responsible for clearing any rubbish dumped around bin. 

Further information

Please contact Council's Local Laws team on 1300 88 22 33