Maroondah Flood Mapping

Council has completed a Flood Mapping Study of drainage catchments across the municipality to better understand risks and reduce the impacts of flooding in Maroondah.

Identifying flood affected areas helps to guide urban development, identify improvements to our stormwater infrastructure, and keep the public safe.

The flood modelling data has been used to produce a set of flood maps which show the likely extent of flooding.

The flood maps will help Council to:

  • protect the safety of the public in future flood events
  • plan future infrastructure upgrades
  • implement improved town planning controls to guide future development, and
  • determine the minimum floor height for properties in flood prone areas.  

Find out more about Flooding Mapping in Maroondah by viewing our short video.


Further information 

For further information on the Maroondah Flood Mapping, please call us on 1300 88 22 33 or 9298 4598, or email