Infrastructure and landscape guidelines

Infrastructure & Landscape Guidelines provide details about street and park furniture such as bollards, seats and fencing.

The aim of these guidelines is to limit the different types and asset styles used across the municipality.

Further information

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Complete set of drawings 

Infrastructure and Landscape Guidelines(PDF, 16MB)

Individual drawings 

Infrastructure and Landscape Guidelines Index(PDF, 251KB)

Introduction, Selection Principles and Criteria(PDF, 407KB)

1.0 Bicycle Facilities(PDF, 722KB)

2.0 Bridges and Decks(PDF, 615KB)

3.0 Bollards and Barriers(PDF, 2MB)

4.0 Drinking Fountains(PDF, 663KB)

5.0 Fences(PDF, 2MB)

6.0 Gates(PDF, 522KB)

7.0 Lighting(PDF, 392KB)

8.0 Rubbish Bins(PDF, 779KB)

9.0 Seat, Benches and Tables(PDF, 3MB)

10.0 Points and Coatings - DELETED

11.0 Path and Trail Construction(PDF, 827KB)

14.0 BBQs(PDF, 449KB)

15.0 Shade Shelters(PDF, 528KB)

16.0 Signs(PDF, 2MB)

17.0 Sports Amenities(PDF, 673KB)

18.0 Toilets, Sheds & Other Built Structures(PDF, 538KB)

19.0 Landscaping - Civil Works(PDF, 665KB)

20.0 Landscaping - Planting Works(PDF, 325KB)

21.0 Vehicle Management in Recreation Areas - DELETED

22.0 Water Sensitive Urban Design and Wetlands - DELETED