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Building on water prone land

As a property owner, you are required to get consent for the construction of a building/structure on land that is designated as flood prone or liable to overland flows.

This is in accordance with section 153 (2) and 154 (1) of the Building Regulations 2018. 

Consent may be granted only where the building/structure does not unreasonably impede the natural drainage conditions of the land. 

Apply online, in writing or in person

See request to build on water prone land application forms


A fee of $290.40 is payable with your application, in accordance with Regulation 36 of the Building Regulations 2018.

Submit your application

Submit your completed application to our Engineering and Infrastructure Services team for assessment. 

Deliver your form and payment in person at our service centre in Braeside Avenue, Ringwood,

or post to: 
Engineering Services
Maroondah City Council
PO Box 156
Ringwood 3134

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