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Public Health and Wellbeing premises registration

New premises

The following premises must be registered with Council:

  • hairdressing/temporary make-up establishments (ongoing registration see below)
  • beauty premises
  • ear and body piercing premises
  • tattooist establishments
  • colonic irrigation premises
  • Prescribed accommodation premises

Register your health premises

To register health premises with Council:

Submit a New Health Premises pre-application form

When submitting the form, please provide detailed floor plans, identifying services, fittings, finishes and details of all activities that will occur in each are. An Environmental Health Officer will use this if your premises comply with all relevant Public Health and Wellbeing legislation.

New health premises pre-application form

Please complete the form above and return it with plans and payment to Council’s Community Health team:

PO Box 156
Victoria, 3134 

Alternatively, email at or visit one of Council’s Service Centres

You may require a building and/or planning permit for your premise. To contact Building Services please phone 9298 4327. For more information on Council's planning services, please visit our Do I need a Planning Permit page

Fit out your business

Once your application is assessed and approved, you can fit out your business knowing you are meeting all requirements.

Application to register

You will be given permission to trade after:

  • a registration inspection
  • the lodgement of an Application to Register form
  • payment of the applicable fee.

Ongoing requirements

Once registered, premises will be:

Hairdressing and temporary make-up premises are eligible to apply for an ongoing registration if:

  • only hairdressing and/or temporary make-up services are offered
  • the business remains at the same address
  • the proprietor remains the same.

Further information

For further information on registering your premise, please contact Council on 1300 88 22 33.

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