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Local area traffic management - Mount View Parade & Newman Road

Mount View Parade and Newman Road Croydon VIC 3136
Approx. start date:05 April 2021
Approx. end date:28 May 2021
Maroondah City Council and Yarra Ranges Council have funding available in their Capital Works Program to install traffic calming measures in Mount View Parade & Newman Road.
Road with speed cushion

Proposed works

The proposed traffic calming measures will include:

  • the installation of 8 raised pavements on Mount View Parade
  • the installation of 2 raised pavements on Newman Road
  • improvement works to the intersection of Mount View Parade and Newman Road.

Improvement works

Intersection of Mount View Parade and Newman Road

The improvement works at the intersection of Mount View Parade and Newman Avenue are proposed to address sight line issues at the intersection, with motorists along Mount View Parade required to stop and given way to vehicles driving along the bend on Newman Road. 

Additionally, as Mount View Parade currently has priority on all intersections along its length, with the exception of the intersection with Newman Road, the proposed changes will provide consistency along Mount View Parade whilst also improving the available sight distance at the intersection.


Raised pavement locations  (pdf, 3MB)

Intersection modification works - Mount View Parade and Newman Road  (pdf, 1MB)

Further information

For further information on the proposed works, contact Maroondah City Council’s Project Engineer, Matthew Wright, on 9298 4357.

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