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Local area traffic management - Mundara Drive & Parkgate Drive, Ringwood

Mundara Drive Ringwood VIC 3134
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Approx. start date:01 March 2021
Approx. end date:30 April 2021
Council has been given funds in its Capital Works Program to install traffic calming measures in Mundara Drive & Parkgate Drive.
Road and speed cushions

The proposed works will include:

  • Mundara Drive
    • The installation of five sets of speed cushions and associated blister islands.
    • Linemarking and signage alterations, including parking lanes and Give Way lines at side roads.
    • A splitter island and pedestrian refuge on Mundara Drive at the intersection with Wonga Road.
  • Parkgate Drive
    • The installation of one raised pavement.
    • A splitter island at the intersection with Mundara Drive.

Council is also proposing to install time limited (school hours) 'No Stopping' restrictions through the bend on the eastern end of Mundara Drive (around Triton Court). These are proposed works due to safety concerns with the potential for buses to have to partially cross the centreline due to parked cars during school drop-off and pick-up hours with the potential for a side swipe accident when vehicles are parked on both sides of the road. The parking restrictions will also assist sight-lines through the bend.

View the plans

Mundara Drive & Parkgate Drive - functional design  (pdf, 9MB)

Further information

For further information on the proposed works, contact Council’s Project Engineer, Matthew Wright, on 9298 4357.

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