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Jubilee Park Scoping Study

In August 2016, Council commenced the Jubilee Park Scoping Study. The study is the product of Action 3.1b of Council’s Housing Strategy.

Action 3.1b of the Strategy states Council will review the Neighbourhood Character elements including heritage elements of the Jubilee Park area.

Jubilee Park is currently afforded protection via Clause 22.02 of the Maroondah Planning Scheme which identifies the area as Neighbourhood Character Area 17.

Council recently commenced the Jubilee Park Scoping Study to respond to Action 3.1b of the Housing Strategy and determine whether additional controls ought to be applied.

A consultant has been engaged to undertake an independent review of the neighbourhood character and heritage significance of the precinct. The key objective is to investigate whether the existing planning controls are sufficient to balance development and heritage interests.

The aim of this study is to undertake a preliminary assessment of the Jubilee Park area to determine:

  • Whether the study area, or any parts of it, have a valued character that would warrant the application of the Neighbourhood Character Overlay.
  • Whether the study area, or any parts of it including individual properties, have heritage significance that would warrant the application of the Heritage Overlay.

It is envisaged that this scoping study will identify which, if any controls, might be appropriate for the precinct and identify locations where new controls might potentially be applied.

The community was consulted about this project in October/ November 2016.

The findings of the study and community consultation are now being assessed.

The outcomes will be reported to Council and Council will then decide what further action should be undertaken to move the project forward.

Further information

Contact Diana Siomos on 9294 5738 for more information

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