Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre

The Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre (RMAC) is recognised by the Victorian Government as a centre dedicated to stimulating employment, greater housing diversity and community services. It is a priority of the Government’s blueprint for Melbourne’s future growth, Plan Melbourne.

Ringwood has undergone a remarkable urban renewal transformation over the past decade, cementing its position as the epicentre of the eastern region for commerce and employment.

Key facts:

  • $15.2 billion in annual output revenue (12.6% of Melbourne East’s revenue)
  • $9.4 billion in exports (23% of Melbourne East’s total exports)
  • 4800 businesses
  • 30,000-plus direct jobs


The Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre is the area of Ringwood bound by:

  • Heatherdale Road to the west

  • the Ringwood Bypass to the north

  • Ringwood Lake to the east

  • the Belgrave/Lilydale rail line to the south.

Map showing Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre
Map showing Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre 


What is an Activity Centre?

Metropolitan Activity Centres or MACs are important elements of the Government’s long-term plan to encourage and manage the sustainable growth of Melbourne’s suburbs. They are the highest priority areas for commercial and residential development and renewal outside of the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD).

Ringwood as a key Metropolitan Activity Centre

Ringwood is an important strategic location because it: 

  • is at the junction of EastLink and the Eastern Freeway with excellent connections to the metropolitan arterial road network and the only MAC to have two train stations (Ringwood and Heatherdale) within it's boundary

  • is at the junction of the Lilydale and Belgrave rail lines and ten bus routes

  • is a key gateway between Melbourne’s CBD and the Yarra Valley

  • serves a large catchment area in Melbourne’s outer east and supports a range of land uses and activities.

Creating a strong vision

Realising the vision for Ringwood is providing significant benefits for Victorians, spanning across productivity improvements, reducing congestion and infrastructure costs, better accessibility to jobs and services, improved amenity and more affordable housing. 

Ringwood is a destination that caters for both its local community, and the outer-eastern region of Melbourne, with the key activity and service hub of Eastland at its core and other large retailers such as Costco adding to local offerings and sub-regional attraction.

Ringwood MAC’s vision is to:

  • be Melbourne's outer east urban destination

  • be a vibrant and contemporary town centre

  • provide retail, commercial, employment, leisure, and residential opportunities

  • feature natural landscapes and open space areas such as Ringwood Lake and Staley Gardens

  • be integrated and sustainable.

The Ringwood Metropolitan Masterplan 2018 guides future development and community infrastructure upgrades to revitalise this strategic location and make Ringwood economically stronger and a better place to live, work and visit.