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Upcoming projects in our wards

In Council’s 2019/2020 Budget there are a number of capital works projects funded across Maroondah. See a sample of some of the major projects in each ward that will be undertaken this financial year.

Arrabri Ward

Arrabri ward map


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  1. HE Parker Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($4m)
  2. Cheong Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($2.5m)
  3. Bedford Road Road Renewal ($370k)
  4. Armstrong Road Footpath Construction ($180k)
  5. Hamilton Road Road Renewal ($100k)
  6. JW Manson Reserve Enhancement Plan ($30k)


  1. Tarralla Creek Connects Improvements ($15m)
  2. Tarralla Kinder and MCHC Redevelopment ($1m)
  3. Norton Road Reconstruction ($1m) (Crosses into Wyreena)
  4. Scenic Avenue Flood Mitigation— Stage 4 ($600k)
  5. Former Croydon South PS Site Improvements ($500k)
  6. Dandenong Creek Trail Shared Path Renewal ($470k)
  7. Merrindale Shopping Centre Car Park Renewal ($365k)


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  1. Dorset Multipurpose Pavilion & Sportsfield Redevelopment ($12m)*
  2. Canterbury Road Heathmont Rail Bridge Pedestrian Upgrade ($4m)*
  3. Canterbury Rd/Bedford Rd Intersection Improvements ($1.2m)*
  4. Bayswater North Kindergarten Redevelopment ($800k)
  5. Arrabri Reserve Playground Improvement ($500k)*
  6. Glen Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade ($350k)
  7. Eastmead Road & Rowan Street Road Reconstruction ($350k)
  8. Colchester Road Footpath Construction ($230k)

Subject to funding **

Mullum Ward

Mullum ward map


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  1. Jubilee Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment & Indoor Training Facility Development ($6m)
  2. Quambee Sportsfield Renewal ($1.5m)
  3. New Street Road Reconstruction ($1m)
  4. Sherbrook Catchment Drainage Improvements ($700k)
  5. Bardia Street Catchment Flood Mitigation ($500k)*
  6. Mullum Mullum Creek Trail Renewal ($300k)
  7. Mundara Road Traffic Management Improvements ($200k)
  8. Tortice Drive Traffic Management Improvements ($200k)


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  1. Realm Extension Development ($20m)
  2. Karralyka Redevelopment ($15m)
  3. Ringwood Multilevel Carpark Development ($15m)*
  4. Proclamation Park Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($3.2m)
  5. Sherbrook Catchment Drainage Improvements ($700k)


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  1. Ainslie Park Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($3.5m)
  2. Wantirna Rd/Reilly St Signalisation ($2.5m)*
  3. North Ringwood Sportsfield Renewal ($1m)
  4. Sherbrook Catchment Drainage Improvements ($700k
  5. The Rings Mezzanine Floor Development ($500k)
  6. McAlpin Reserve Carpark & Playspace Improvements ($450k)

Subject to funding **

Wyreena Ward

Wyreena ward map


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  1. Silcock Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($3m)
  2. Lincoln Road Reconstruction—Stage 2 ($2m)
  3. Landau Reserve Waterway Improvements ($300k)
  4. Warrien Road & Patrick Ave Traffic Management Improvements ($220k)
  5. Hewish Road Road Renewal ($190k)
  6. Dorset Road Footpath Construction ($88k)
  7. Nangathan Reserve Playspace Improvements ($50k)


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  1. Croydon Multilevel Carpark Development ($15m)*
  2. Aquahub Roof & Heating/Cooling System Refurbishment ($1m)
  3. Norton Road Reconstruction ($1m) (Crosses into Arrabri)
  4. Yarra Road Footpath Construction ($330k)
  5. Narr-Maen Reserve Playspace Improvements ($50k)


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  1. Croydon Community Precinct Community Hub A ($25m)
  2. Springfield Sporting Pavilion Redevelopment ($4.5m)
  3. Wyreena Community Arts Centre Refurbishment ($750k)
  4. Exeter Road Road Renewal ($250k)
  5. Plymouth Road Footpath Construction ($120k)
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