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Solar Savers 2020

Solar Savers

Council, in partnership with Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, is participating in the Solar Savers program.

Solar Savers is offering two versions of the program in Maroondah:

  • Special rates charge loan
    Pension and health care holders will be eligible for the Solar Savers Special Rates Loan.  The system will be paid upfront by Council, and the householder will repay the system cost through their quarterly rates over eight years.
  • Bulk buy
    Standard Solar Savers Bulk Buy program for all other homeowners.

  1. Solar Savers will check that you are eligible for the program and offer alternatives to those who are not. To be eligibile for the Solar Savers Special Rates Loan you must:
    • own your own home
    • have a pension or health care card (All home owners must have a card)
    • not already have solar installed.
  2.  If you are interested in the program, Solar Savers will send you an information pack. In the meantime, you will need to send Solar Savers a copy of your most recent electricity bill so they can assess the savings you will make by installing solar. Solar Savers can assist you in working out the best way to send your bills
  3. Solar Savers will call you to discuss your electricity bills, the anticipated savings and quarterly repayments. If you are happy to proceed and receive an obligation free quote, Solar Savers will connect you with their trusted installer who will call you to arrange a home visit/phone consultation.
  4.  Once you receive your quote, Solar Savers will call you to discuss, answer any questions and see if you would like to proceed. 
  5. If you choose to proceed, Solar Savers will post you an agreement to sign, which is required for the council special rates charge. You can still change your mind after signing the agreement, however it is required at this stage to proceed.
  6. The special rates charge will be declared at a council meeting, and a 28-day objections period will need to occur before the proposal can be accepted. 
  7. Once the special rates charge has been accepted, Solar Savers will complete your Solar Victoria rebate application on your behalf. Once this is completed, an installation date can be locked in.
  8. You won’t start repayments until after your system has been installed.  

To get started, contact Solar Savers on:

Note; This offer is limited and the program can only accept new registrations until its quota is full.

The standard Solar Savers Bulk Buy program is for homeowners that don't qualify for the Solar Savers Special Rates Loan. Here’s how it works:

  1. Solar Savers check that you are eligible for the program and offer alternatives to those who are not.
  2. They connect you with their trusted installer who will discuss the finer details of your system and arrange a quote.
  3. If you choose to proceed, you simply approve the quote and pay a deposit.
  4. At this stage you can apply for the Victorian Government rebate and loan, with the help of Solar Savers and your installer if required.
  5. Your installer will then guide you through the remainder of the process until your system is installed and you are happy with your new Solar PV system. Solar Savers is available to help or offer advice at every step of the way.

To get started, go to

To participate in this program you need to:

  • own your home
  • have average to high electricity use (contact Solar Savers if you’re unsure)
  • do not currently have solar panels on your home.

Households that:

  • use their appliances during the day
  • work from home
  • spend 3-4 days at home each week
  • care for someone in need.

Victorian Government solar rebate

Solar Savers participants may also be eligible for the new Victorian Government solar rebate from the Solar Homes Program. To find out more or register your interest, visit

For more information

If you have any questions, please contact Solar Savers on:

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