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Sites of biological significance

Maroondah's Sites of Biological Significance Study identifies approximately 82 sites of biological significance on both public and private land. 

These sites have been protected in the Maroondah Planning Scheme under the Vegetation Protection Overlay. 

An additional 50 sites were also identified as biologically significant at the local level.  

How are these sites assessed?

The biological significance has been assessed using scientific criteria. Sites were identified using:

  • ·vegetation assessment
  • quadrant surveys
  • 20-minute bird census
  • spotlighting
  • mammal hair surveys
  • incidental records. 

The biological significance of sites, habitat types and species has been assessed according to standard criteria such as:

  • ecological integrity and viability
  • richness and diversity
  • rarity
  • representative of a type
  • scientific and educational value.

What sites are significant?

State or regional significance

Several sites were identified as State significance to high regional significance. 

These properties include

  • Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve
  • Freeway Reservation Bayswater North
  • Cloverlea and Tereddan Drive Kilsyth South
  • De Felice Development Site North Bayswater
  • Dexters Bush Heathmont.

Municipal significance

There are approximately 132 properties that are of municipal significance. Sites that have been identified as this rating are many, including Council managed bushland and private property. 

Some of these sites are:

  • Croydon Hills Environmental Living Zone
  • BJ Hubbard Reserve, Ringwood
  • Harpers Bush, Heathmont
  • Jumping Creek Valley
  • Belgrave Railway Line Corridor
  • Eastfield Golf Course, Kilsyth South
  • Yarra Valley Grammar School, Croydon Hills.

Local significance

There are approximately 29 sites rated at a local level and 50 miscellaneous private and public owned local level sites. Maroondah is unique in that it has many bushland reserves and significant flora and fauna in a suburban environment. 

Further information

Copies of Sites of Biological Significance in Maroondah Study Volumes 1 & 2 are available by calling Council on 1300 88 22 33

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