Heathmont Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C97

The Heathmont Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C97 was gazetted (with changes) by the Minister for Planning on 11 October 2018. The Amendment implements the Heathmont Structure Plan into the Maroondah Planning Scheme for commercial zoned land.

Amendment C97 adopts State Policy and supports the State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF), by supporting the concept of a 20-minute neighbourhood (Clause 9: Plan Melbourne) allowing for improved pedestrian and cycling connections, and allowing appropriate development in proximately to the neighbourhood centre and train station. The Amendment also supports high quality urban environments (Clause 15: Built Environments) for private development and public realm alike and introducing new high quality requirements for new commercial development.

The changes

  • Amendment C97 amends Clause 21 of the Local Policy Planning Framework, and updates the Municipal Strategic Statement in the Maroondah Planning Scheme, as recommended by the Heathmont Activity Centre Structure Plan.
  • The Amendment applies a new schedule to the Design and Development Overlay, allowing for expansion of the existing commercial area in the Activity Centre. 
  • The Amendment rezones three properties and corrects several mapping anomalies.

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The outcomes

The outcomes of the Amendment are expected to have a number of environmental, social and economic benefits for the Heathmont Activity Centre. These effects include:

  • Supporting the integration of Environmentally Sustainable Design into new developments.
  • Protecting existing canopy trees and requiring new landscaping within developments.
  • Support social cohesion and inclusiveness in the area, by allowing orderly and planned development of the commercial area in close proximity to existing services.
  • Facilitating an appropriate level of commercial expansion within the activity centre.

Heathmont Activity Centre Planning Scheme Amendment C97 is an action from the Heathmont Structure Plan. The Heathmont Activity Centre Structure Plan can be viewed below:

Heathmont Activity Centre Structure Plan