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Bushfire Management Overlay

The Victorian Government has reviewed and updated bushfire hazard mapping in the Planning Scheme.

The review was in partnership with the Country Fire Authority and Maroondah City Council, and has updated the mapping of the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO).

Why the Bushfire Management Overlay was updated

The update was a key recommendation of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission, and ensures consistent bushfire mapping and planning policies apply across the state. The BMO is a new overlay for Maroondah.

What has changed

The BMO has been applied to areas within Maroondah that have been identified with potential to be affected by extreme bushfire. This includes approximately 2,000 properties, mainly in the north west with a small area in the south east of the municipality.

You can check if your property is affected by the BMO using the Government's Planning Maps Online tool.

Planning permits

Properties affected by the BMO may now be required to apply for a planning permit for new development and uses.

Bushfire measures for future development

Future development of properties in the BMO will also be required to take bushfire protection measures including management of vegetation and fuel loads, providing fire truck access, the installation of static water tanks, construction of buildings to the current bushfire standard.

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