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Get planning advice from Council

If you need planning advice from Council, the following options are available: 

  • Advice on straightforward proposals
    Call us or visit to see a Planning Officer
  • Need a written response to see if planning permit is required?
    Submit a Planning Information Request
  • Advice on larger or more complex developments
    Apply for Planning pre-application advice

Before submitting your planning application, you can discuss your proposal with Council.  We offer free phone and in-person planning advice with a planning officer for straightforward proposals including

This is a free service.

To discuss your plans before applying for a Planning Permit:

  • Call us on 1300 88 22 33
  • Visit us at Realm.
    Council’s professional services counter at Realm is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm for in-person planning advice.

You can submit a Planning Information Request if you need a written response from Council to determine if a planning permit is required for your proposal.  
This is a fee-based service, where charges depend on the type of property for which you are applying: 

  • single dwelling in a residential zone
  • another type of property. 

Please submit supporting information such as site plans, elevations, and title search to the property.

Make a Planning Information Request

Please note: Council’s advice and fees will be based upon the information submitted in the application. Failure to include sufficient information may affect or alter Council’s advice.

Before submitting your planning application, you can discuss your proposal with Council. 

For larger or more complex applications such as multi dwelling development, change in land use, apartment buildings or mixed-use developments, we encourage you to submit your concept plans in writing by applying for Planning Pre-Application advice

Council may respond to your request over the phone, in writing, or arrange a pre-application meeting.  This is a free service.

Planning pre-application advice can help you: 

  • identify any planning issues prior to lodging an application 
  • understand the permit requirements and information you need to include in your planning application 
  • get accurate advice early in the process to streamline the application process. 

There are many elements that are best considered at the preliminary design stage. These may include:   

  • Building siting and layout (including density, height and massing)  
  • Retention of significant vegetation and opportunities for landscaping
  • Environmental sustainable design
  • Use of land and operating a business. 

Please note that the pre-application advice provided is preliminary and does not replace a full assessment of the proposal. Other matters may be raised following a full planning application assessment including a site visit, referral comments, objections or any other matter.  

Apply for Planning pre-application advice  

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