Planning Consultation Meetings

Planning Consultation Meetings are sometimes held when there have been submissions or objections to a planning application.

The meetings offer any submitters and the applicant an opportunity to express their views on a proposal.

Anyone can attend these meetings, but only the applicant and anyone that has made a submission to the application can formally speak at the meeting.

Upcoming meetings

You can see a list of Planning Consultation Meetings online that are currently scheduled.

If you would like to attend, please telephone Statutory Planning on 1300 88 22 33  or (03) 9298 4598. The applicant and any submitters will receive an invitation to attend if a meeting has been scheduled. The meetings usually take place in the Council Chambers, at Realm, 179 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood.

See upcoming meetings

Meeting process

These meetings are not a decision-making forum; they are an information gathering and problem-solving meeting.

Your Ward Councillors will chair and run the meeting with the help of Council’s planning officers. Council acts as an intermediary in the meeting to help all parties come to an agreeable solution if possible.

The meeting generally lasts for about an hour and provides an opportunity for everyone who wishes to speak either to the application or in support of their objection.

The meeting begins by asking each submitter where they live and what concerns they have with the application.  The applicant then has an opportunity to provide further details about the application and address some of the objectors’ concerns. 

Whether you are an applicant or an objector, it is better to come to these meetings prepared, and with an open mind, to negotiate proposed changes to the application or your objection.