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Managing our stormwater

Recent flooding

Maroondah’s stormwater drains have been put to the test recently with significant storm events and high levels of rain inundating Maroondah since November 2010. 

Council's underground stormwater drains have been designed to a capacity of a one in five year magnitude storm, which is consistent with the industry standard. 

However, these recent storms were in the magnitude of a 1 in 20 year and 1 in 50 year event, based on the Bureau of Meteorology’s statistical data. To have them occur so close to each other, and on such a large scale, raises concerns about how often we can expect these types of storms in the future. 

The severity and frequency of the storms highlights the need to change the way we design and manage our stormwater.

Council’s role in stormwater drainage

Council has a responsibility to property owners to ensure that the Council owned and operated drainage system is clear and functioning so it can capture any stormwater.

All of Council's drainage networks eventually drain into the Melbourne Water main stormwater drainage system.

In times of excessive rainfall we need to ensure that the overland flow paths can handle the excess stormwater and prevent properties from being flooded.

What Council is doing

Investigations into our stormwater drainage system are continuing, including detailed catchment analysis and flood mapping of the most flood prone areas. 

These investigations will determine appropriate solutions to stormwater management issues to allow us to capture stormwater more effectively. 

We have also established a priority list of stormwater improvements that will be conducted as part of Council’s annual capital works stormwater renewal budget. 

When roads managed by VicRoads are subject to flooding, Council will work together with VicRoads to develop solutions to drainage issues.

If there are any issues relating to the Melbourne Water main stormwater drainage network, Council will work closely with Melbourne Water to develop solutions.

What you can do

You can help to maintain private drainage systems and protect the community from flooding caused by blocked drains by:

  • regularly cleaning your gutters and inspecting them for leaks and debris which could build up to block pipes further down the network.
  • not sweeping leaves and other debris down stormwater drains, as this can also clog the drains and prevent the free flow of water.
  • not pouring anything inappropriate down the stormwater drains, such as cooking fat and oils, as they can block pipes and cause water backup and property damage.

If you have any concerns over flooded roads or stormwater drains, call Council’s Operations Centre on 9294 5666.

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