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Street renaming

There is often a need to rename streets within the municipality in order to better identify streets. 

Requests for the renaming of a street can come from either a resident of the street or from within Council.

Council’s role

The Local Government Act 1989, Section 206(1) and Schedule 10(5), confers power upon Council to change the name of the street. However, before exercising this power Council must follow the procedure set out in the Guidelines for Geographic Names, established under the Geographic Place Names Act 1998.

Renaming procedure

  1. Determine an appropriate name - refer to the Guidelines for Geographic Names to replace an existing name. Consideration is given to recommendations from residents, if any. 
  2. Council then checks the name with the Registrar for existing similar street names in the area.
  3. Council will then prepare a report recommending that Council adopts the name change in principle.
  4. Community consultation requesting public comment is then undertaken through exhibiting and advertising widely in all local newspapers for a period of at least 2 months.
    A sign is also placed at the entrance to the road for a period of 2 months, inviting public comment. 
  5. All comments received from the public during the consultation stage are reviewed and a final recommendation made to Council.
  6. Notification of Council's final decision is forwarded to all the affected residents, property/business owners, relevant agencies, emergency services and the Registrar of Geographic Names.
  7. The new street sign is installed by Council.

Relevant agencies

The following agencies receive notification of Council's final decision:

  • Ambulance Service Victoria
  • Australia Post
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Eastern Energy 
  • Engineering Department 
  • Knox City Council 
  • Land Titles Office
  • Manningham City Council 
  • Melbourne Water Corporation
  • Multinet Gas
  • Municipal Emergency Planning Committee
  • Municipal Fire Prevention Committee
  • Public Transport Corporation
  • Shire of Yarra Ranges
  • Telstra 
  • VicRoads
  • Victorian Electoral Commission
  • Whitehorse City Council
  • Yarra Valley Water
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