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My ___ Means Everything to Me: Caitlin MaunderFree

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My ___ Means Everything to Me is a series of works contemplating fertility and its fragility by artist Caitlin Maunder. The exhibition is curated by Grace Watson.
Fragile.jpg Caitlin Maunder, Fragile, 2020, Fine liner on paper

Utilizing the mediums of glass blowing, painting, drawing and collage, Maunder tenderly invites viewers into a space of contemplation, focusing on aspects of the human condition and contemporary experiences of femininity. 

Through a series of introspective works, expressed across this range of mediums, the artist examines her own relationship with her body and the complexities of identity when fractured by life’s unknowns.

The inevitability of the unknown in human experience drives conversations between artist and canvas, and canvas to audience. 

My___ Means Everything to Me.png

CCaitlin Maunder, My___ Means Everything to Me Part 1, 2020, oil on canvas

Maunder explores the intimate relationship between the self and the things one holds close. Through a series of meditations and reflections on the body, she offers intimate insights into her own struggle with endometriosis, tenderly confronting the pain met with determination; fragility met with strength.

My ____ Means Everything to Me gently holds the tension between the artist’s reflection on these personal life experiences, whilst allowing an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their own stories in relationship with the subject matter.  Each work provides a foundation for audiences to ignite their own internal monologues prompting the question, "what is it that means everything to us?"

Is it our bodies? our possessions? our successes? or our connections with one another?

My ___ Means Everything to Me invites viewers to fill in the blank.

Date and Time

  • Tuesday, 19 April 2022 - 9.00AM to Friday, 17 June 2022 - 5.00PM
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