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Facets Mimi Leung - Online gallery - Online until 23 January

We are looking forward to opening this exhibition at Artspace as soon as COVID restrictions allow. In the meanwhile, we invite you to explore the works online.

Facets presents a series of works that transform the mundanity of our daily lives into a surreal, imaginative landscape.


Mimi Leung, Ringwood, image courtesy of the artist

From the artist, Mimi Leung

Noticing small everyday things or neglected things remind me life is full of wonder, that there are incredible processes happening in nature whether we like it or not. I try to draw that out and express how they make me feel so hopefully others will pay attention to the small ‘mundanities’ of living.

About the exhibition 

Facets explores big questions about identity, belonging and meaning. Who gets to be seen and heard? Why are we surrounded by images of a certain type of person, body, woman, man, life? What about all the other lives that do not fit the criteria of ‘interesting’ or ‘worthwhile’?

Through her dynamic, energetic illustrations, Mimi Leung brings a lens of curiosity to the world around her and to processing subconscious thoughts and feelings. This exhibition presents a selection of works from across her career as well as newly commissioned illustrations and animations.

The series Intricately bejewelled bugs bring beauty to the mundane, showing us how paying close attention can help us to love things that others don’t.

Commissions and audience favourites delve into the artist’s lived experiences as a woman born in Hong Kong, growing up in a small village in England and currently residing in regional Victoria. Mimi explains that as a child she “didn’t feel particularly acceptable or seen for who I actually was beyond my face and skin or academic achievements.” 


Mimi Leung, Buraka Som Sistema, 2008, image courtesy of the artist

About the artist 

Mimi Leung’s multidisciplinary practise encompasses painting, illustration and animation. Her work has been featured on a Melbourne Art Tram (2016), Slurpee branding for 7-Eleven and recently as part of the Royal Children’s Hospital 150 Anniversary Me and UooUoo Art Trail. Mimi has exhibited internationally and is represented by the Jacky Winter Group.


Mimi Leung, Ladybird, 2017, image courtesy of the artist

 ”Ladybirds bleed from their knees when threatened or scared. A ladybird's hemolymph (bug blood) is both toxic and smelly. Startle a ladybird,  nd the foul-smelling fluid will seep from its leg joints. Predators are put off by the odour and sight of a sickly ladybird. Ladybird larvae can ooze from their abdomens.” - Mimi Leung


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This exhibition is proudly sponsored by The Sebel Hotel, Ringwood.

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