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Public art

Dean Bowen - Boy with Owl and Playful Echidnas - detail echidnas Dean Bowen, Boy with owl and playful echidnas, detail

Maroondah’s public spaces are home to numerous artworks that enhance the public realm, provide pause for thought and enrich people’s experience of those spaces. The provision of public art around Maroondah is guided by our Public Art Policy. The policy demonstrates a commitment to public art in Maroondah and responds to the community's desire for traditional and contemporary art forms in public settings.

Public art can be permanent or temporary. It may capture community values and stories, or challenge us to think differently about our community and the places we live. Our public artworks allow everyone to experience art as part of their ‘day-to-day’ routines, in the places they visit and share with their community.

Public Artworks in Maroondah

Explore the range of public art pieces scattered throughout our municipality

Public Art news and opportunities

Keep up with the latest public art news from Maroondah, including new commissioning opportunities and information about public art programs and events. 

Read more about public art news and opportunities

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