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Pure Talent 2020 - online exhibition

Artwork by Kaylee Launder Kaylee Launder, Norwood Secondary College, Achromatised Coral, 2019, paper and acrylic paint

The artworks in this online exhibition include painting, drawing, sculpture, technology, design and mixed media. These artworks highlight the creative talents and abilities of young people to engage and inspire their community.

Pure Talent 2020 is a collaboration between Maroondah City Council’s Youth Services and Wyreena Community Arts Centre.

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Due to the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, Pure Talent 2020 was not launched and exhibited as usual in The Arts Lounge at the Wyreena Community Arts Centre. Instead, the exhibition is being celebrated online with content regularly added to the Wyreena Community Arts Centre FacebookYouth Services Facebook, Wyreena Instagram and Youth Services Instagram

Find out more about the artists on the Youth Services website

Exhibition artworks

Aryan Ganjavi

White jacket with eyes

School: Yarra Valley Grammar School
Title: RAW: an unholy trinity, 2019
Medium: linen, cotton, screenprint

Artist statement

Attempting to unveil the sinister aspects of the human psyche, often suppressed in contemporary society, my garment embodies the three prominent dimensions of this inhibited trinity; mortality, sexuality and emotional vulnerability. Thus, my theme focuses on the ‘RAW’, the unrefined part of ourselves that eventually force themselves to be acknowledged, if repressed for too long. In my garment, the three patches on the man’s face symbolise this upheaval. The majority of my product is made out of linen, with the face being ‘drawn’ using a sewing machine and the patches being screen printed. My end-user, an old Czechoslovakian philosopher, requested the garment, specifying its need to represent the concepts outlined above. 

Lucas Norton

Artwork of faces
School: Aquinas College
Title: 3 Heads, 2019
Medium: Spray paint and acrylic on canvas


Artist statement

The "3 heads" is a graffiti style stencil work and a symbolic visual expression of the stages of overcoming certain aspects of life or traits about ones self. This artwork to me shows the 3 levels of insecurity I had about myself and how I slowly opened up throughout the year and progressed my way to loving myself more, incorporating greater levels of positivity in day to day life in hopes to encourage others to do the same.

Kaylee Launder 

decorative artwork
School: Norwood Secondary College
Title: Achromatised Coral, 2019
Medium: paper and acrylic paint  

Artist statement

The theme of this artwork was derived from the effects that climate change is having on modern day society, where I focused on the damage that severe weather events are having on natural environments. In this piece I explore the irreversible damage that coral bleaching has on coral reef ecosystems. I conveyed this idea through the utilisation of aerial views to provide a different perspective of the world around us, allowing me to convey the catastrophic widespread impact of bleaching. I was inspired by satellite imagery to symbolically depict the look of coral reefs, which allowed my piece to portray the threat that bleaching has on natural environments, providing contrast within the artwork to convey a destroyed and dying reef in comparison to the natural beauty of a coral reef ecosystem. 

Angie Symon

artwork of trees in forest

School: Ringwood Secondary College
Title: Panoramic Landscape  
Medium: watercolour, fineliner pen

Artist statement

'Panoramic Landscape' is a watercolour and fine liner piece derived from my inspiration from artists such as Anita Jeram and Beatrix Potter and their illustrative works. This piece was an attempt to demonstrate the placid interactions that flora and fauna share with one another.

Megan Benning 

Artwork of head and water

School: Aquinas College
Title: Waterlogged Mind, 2019
Medium: watercolour, fineliner pen 

Artist statement

Overwhelmed - adjective (over·whelmed)
1: completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling.

Jacob Pemberton 

Decorative artwork

School: Norwood Secondary College
Title: Trance, 2019
Medium: watercolour and marker pen

Artist statement

My work explores the concept of peace and harmony through the subject matter of outer space. It portrays order and balance on a large scale to contrast the somewhat chaotic world we live in. I wanted to create an image that would give the viewer a sense of calm and wonder, to distract them from any problems or hassles going on in their life.

Ngun Len Sung Cen Hrang

Artwork of dragon
School: Ringwood Secondary College
Title: The Red Tale, 2019
Medium: acrylic on canvas with impasto
Artist statement
The main concept I focused on this year was folktales such as legendary myths and mystical creatures. Folktales and myths are symbolic and represents different cultures, allowing them to express their identity as an individual and community within their culture. Within my final artwork, I decided to link my subject matter to the Asian Chinese culture as this was achieved through the depiction of the dragon as dragons are known to belong within Asian mystical creatures. Through the usage of vibrant and bold colours such as red and gold, this reflected wealth and royalties of China, as these colours are highly evident among their silk material, yet known to be worn only by those in the higher-socio economics in traditional times, thus is reflected by my subject matter. 


Hanging light globes
School: Yarra Valley Grammar School
Title: Thusly, Mitchell, 2019
Medium: Australian blackwood, electrical cord, globes

Artist statement

My artwork is inspired by what it means to be ‘Mitchell’. The piece originates at a small local point, which demonstrates how we go out into the world from the same place. As the bow of the arc increases, our unique passions and paths in life are embodied, yet, the softening of the arc conveys no matter our differences, we all come home to the same point. The 3 hanging globes represent the other 3 members of the family who shine a wonderful light into our respective lives, creating a unique relationship with the piece for each family member, as the three globes represent different people to each of us. Ultimately, my piece was created with the intention of expressing the beautiful nature of family. A concept, whilst common to all is infinite in its variations.


Artwork of string
School: Tintern Grammar School
Title: Roots, 2019
Medium: wire, string, thread

Artist statement

Roots, composed of wire, string and thread explores the idea of character within humans, drawing comparisons between humans and the natural state. The piece aims to express the manner in which it is our unique roots that build the foundation of our character and individuality. The inclusion of bright colours alludes to the idea that often our internal persona is far more complex than the one we choose to display externally. The use of wire is reflective of the rigidity in our character and core foundations whilst the string symbolises flexibility and our ability to learn and adapt as we encounter new experiences.


Picture of girl with flowers on her head
School: Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School

Title: Bloom, 2019
Medium: oil on canvas

Artist statement

As we go through life, places, people and events shape who we are and who we will become. This painting represents the two places I was raised in and the duality that is now part of who I am, more importantly this painting is about the many complex layers to our own identity and our ability as humans to shed old layers or old habits that don't resonate with us any longer in order to grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves possible.

Artwork of woman and flowers
School: Tintern Grammar School
Title: Lucy, 2019
Medium: acrylic paint, paint pen on masonite

Artist statement

Lucy is my cousin who is almost 20 years old. Lucy is a person in my life who inspires me, guides me and supports me through all walks of life ever since I was born. I wanted to paint a piece that encapsulated her aura, liveliness, friendliness and humour. The organic, repeated flowers and their warm, complimentary colours symbolise the personality that Lucy radiates to everyone around her. The raw Masonite board was inspired by Street Artist ‘Swoon’ who paints exquisite portraits onto rough surfaces. This demonstrates the beauty and strength in any situation.

Ashley Robertson

artwork of an angel
School: Heathmont College
Title: The Protector, 2019
Medium: acrylic paint and paint

Artist statement

I was inspired by my memories of my great grandfather who was a priest. He died in 2013. When I painted The Protector, I wanted to capture a sense of peace and tranquility that comes from having someone or something that acts as a protector or guardian during difficult times. The style is typical of my work. The solid colours I used in the piece are meant to imitate stained glass windows in churches.

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