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Special Committees of Council

Committees of Council Handbook

Council values the contributions of Special Committees of Council. This handbook has been developed to provide guidance to Special Committees of Council established by Council under the provisions of Sections 63, 64 and 65 of the Local Government Act 2020.

Special Committees of Council operate under State legislation and certain regulations apply. This handbook provides guidance to Committees in practices that will ensure compliance with these regulations, and also develop effective practices that assist the Committee in its smooth operation.

As Council policy is diverse and constantly changing, this guide will be updated on a regular basis. Your suggestions as to how it can further address your needs are welcome. To pass on this feedback, contact Council’s Leisure Services Planning & Policy Officer on 9294 5720.

Special Committee of Council Handbook  (docx, 298KB)

Special Committee of Council Handbook  (pdf, 324KB)

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