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The theme for 2019 R & M Mcgivern prize was ‘Anthropocene'.

Nadine Christensen, Hang in there, 2018, acrylic on sustainable farmed hoop pine with cedar stretcher

Highly regarded Melbourne artist Nadine Christensen was awarded the R & M McGivern Prize 2019, for her work, Hang in there, 2018, acrylic on sustainable farmed hoop pine with cedar stretcher, announced at the launch on Thursday 28 November at Maroondah Federation Estate Gallery.

The judges commented that the work 'was a technically accomplished painting that renders a collision of imagery, scale and painterly planes in a masterfully cohesive fashion. Christensen’s work reminds us that while life is fleeting and fragile there is hope in the midst of despair.The artwork showcases the artist’s affinity with spatial deconstruction and the existential plight of humanity.’

The 2019 People’s Choice Prize of $1000 was awarded to Melbourne artist Dale Cox for his work ‘Unititled’, he received the most number of votes from members of the public. 

Dale Cox, Untitled, 2019, acrylic on board, framed
Dale Cox, Untitled, 2019, acrylic on board, framed, Represented by Australian Galleries Melbourne, Sydney

The theme for 2019: ‘Anthropocene'

A concept proposed by scientists to describe the current era, the Anthropocene directly translates to 'anthro' (human) and 'cene' (recent). It proposes that changes occurring within the environment may be a direct and permanent result of human behaviour.

We received a record 450 entries with outstanding entries coming from all over the country. The 2019 finalists were:

Nicholas Aplin, Kate Beynon, Amber Boardman, Angela Brennan, Janet Burchill, Dord Burrough, Penelope Cain, Hamish Carr, Kevin Chin, Nadine Christensen, Dale Cox, Nicola Dickson, Fernando do Campo, Briell Ellison, Josh Foley, Juan Ford, Betra Fraval, Deanne Gilson, Helga Groves, Stephen Haley, Katherine Hattam, Euan Heng, Sophia Hewson, Miles Howard-Wilks, Deborah Klein, Kate Kurucz, Emma Lindsay, Tony Lloyd, Dane Lovett, Simon MacEwan, Jordan Marani, Sam Martin, Andrew Mezei, Luke Pither, Kenny Pittock, Victoria Reichelt, Mark Rodda, Evangelos Sakaris, Kate Shaw, Shannon Smiley, Julian Aubrey Smith, Jacqui Stockdale, Camilla Tadich, Jelena Telecki and Sarah Tomasetti.

View the R & M McGivern 2019 catalogue:

R & M McGivern 2019 catalogue  (pdf, 7MB)

Installation images

Photography by Andrew Curtis.


The R & M McGivern Prize was exhibited across two venues from 23 November 2019 to 1 February 2020 at:

Date and Time

  • Saturday, 23 November 2019 - 9.00AM to Saturday, 01 February 2020 - 8.00PM
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