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Unsung heroes of Australian History

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Take three multi-talented musicians and add powerful stories of ordinary Australians who have done extraordinary things.
Unsung-heroes.jpg Bruce Watson, Wendy Ealey and Moira Tyers

Sit back and enjoy the original songs and evocative images along with the gratuitous distribution of Anzac biscuits and Turkish delights. Together with lush musical arrangements and mud-cake rich harmonies, you have Unsung Heroes of Australian History.

Bruce Watson, Wendy Ealey and Moira Tyers will take you on a powerful journey through Australia’s history. They ask the big questions: What was Henry Lawson’s mum like? What was the Eureka flag made from and by whom? How old was the youngest soldier to die at Gallipoli? Why did Vegemite catch on?

Unsung Heroes of Australian History combines the skills and talents of these performers with their powerful songs, beautiful harmonies and skillful instrumentation to produce a wonderful and moving piece of entertainment.

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For further information on the performance, contact Wyreena on 9294 5590 . 

Date and Time

  • Friday, 24 May 2019 - 7.30PM to 9.30PM
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$35 (including supper)
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