Do the right thing - pick up after your dog

Dog poo cannot go in your FOGO bin. Find out how to dispose of your dog poo on our A to Z waste disposal guide. For more information on what can go in your FOGO bin see Food and Garden Organics service.

Pet owners are reminded to carry either a bag or pooper-scooper, to remove or dispose of any dog poo when out walking.

Here's how picking up after your dog helps the community:

  • Helps ensure children can play in reserves safely, as well as people using sporting grounds.
  • Lowers the risk of other dogs or people getting sick, some dogs can carry worms and diseases.
  • Ensures our Parks and Bushland Team can maintain parks and reserves safely, without coming into contact with dog droppings.
  • Mitigates soil contamination and helps reduce faecal matter in waterways.

Picking up after your dog is your responsibility and ensures we can all enjoy our reserves and parks.

Find out more by watching the video below: