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Dangerous and menacing dogs

A dog of any size or breed can become aggressive when defending its territory. Even a friendly dog may guard the area on or around its property, especially when you are not present. 

Most dog attacks in public places occur on the footpath or road bordering the attacking dog’s property. For this reason, it is important to make sure your dog is securely confined.

Menacing dogs

Council may declare a dog to be menacing:

  • if it rushes at or chases a person
  • if it has been declared a menacing dog by another Council.

Dangerous dogs

If your dog attacks a person or animal, penalties can include court action, fines, damages and the declaration of your dog as dangerous - or the dog may even be put down. 

A dog can be declared dangerous:

  • if it is trained, or being trained, for attack or guard-dog purposes
  • if it has previously been declared dangerous by another Council.   

You are required to notify Council if and when:

  • you commence guard-dog or attack training of any dog
  • you move to a new Council with a dog previously declared dangerous
  • the dog that has been declared dangerous attacks or injures a person or animal
  • the dog that has been declared dangerous is missing
  • there is change in ownership of the dog that has been declared dangerous. 
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