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Dogs and cats in public places

Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in a public place, except in leash-free areas.  See more detail for on-lead requirements in the Council Order 

There are off-leash areas in Maroondah where you can exercise your dog without a lead. There are also some reserves where dogs and cats are not permitted to protect areas of conservation significance and biodiversity.

Find an off-leash park

Eastfield Dog Park

Eastfield Dog Park is a fully fenced dog park with double gated entrances and time out zone for young/quieter dogs.

It is located at the front of Eastfield Park on Eastfield Road, Croydon, next to the playground.

Off-leash rules

When exercising your dog in off-leash areas you need to be aware of the off-leash rules. 

Even in off-leash areas, dogs must be kept on-leash while:

  • on a shared path
  • within 15 metres of: 
    • playgrounds or children’s play equipment
    • barbecue or picnic facilities
    • organised sporting events or training sessions.

Cleaning up after your dog

You can be fined for not cleaning up after your dog. As a dog owner you are required to carry appropriate receptacles, such as a bag, pouch or pooper-scooper, to remove and dispose of any dog waste when walking a dog in a public place. 

It's a good idea to keep these items with your dog’s leash as a reminder to take them with you when walking your dog.

Cats and curfews

Cats must be confined to their owner’s property from sunset to sunrise each day – either inside a building or in a properly constructed enclosure. Fines apply.

Council Order

Read the Council Order about access for dogs and cats in public places.

Order Pursuant to Section 26 (2) of the Domestic Animals Act 1994  (pdf, 384KB)

Order Pursuant to Section 26 (2) of the Domestic Animals Act 1994  (doc, 31KB)

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