Sharps and pharmaceuticals disposal

The sharps container exchange service is available to Maroondah residents only and is not available for commercial purposes.

To use the disposal service:

  1. Visit one of our service centres and ask for a sharps container
  2. Bring the container back for replacement when it has been filled with used syringes and needles
  3. Ensure the lid is tightly fitted. 

Council staff are unable to accept used syringes and needles unless they are safely inside an approved sharps container. These items are designated as biologically hazardous and require safe disposal.

We have a contract with an EPA-approved medical waste disposal contractor, who transports these containers and their contents to a high-temperature incinerator for safe disposal.

If you find a syringe

If you come across a discarded syringe, do not attempt to pick it up.

If the syringe is on private property

Carrington Health operates a syringe disposal hotline, which responds to requests from the public in the event of discarded injecting equipment being found on private property.

To access this service phone 0430 524 749 and leave a message with a call back number so that collection can be arranged. See more about their Needle and Syringe Program (NSP)

If the syringe is on Council land

Contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 and report the exact location of the syringe. We will collect the syringe as soon as possible.

Pharmaceuticals and medicines disposal

Local residents can drop off unwanted prescription tablets, liquids and ointments to their local pharmacy, where the pharmacist will place medicines in a secure bin for collection and safe disposal.

These items may pose a risk to our environment if flushed into the sewerage system and are likely to pose a serious health risk to anyone consuming them without doctor's advice. 

Return unwanted medicines (RUM project)

Return Unwanted Medicines (or the RUM Project) is an initiative that provides consumers with a free and convenient way to dispose of expired and unwanted medicines. Anyone can return their household medicines to any community pharmacy anytime, for safe collection and disposal.

See more about Returned Unwanted Medicine.