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Terms of use

  • You must be over 18 to register to manage a listing.
  • You must be an authorised representative of the community group or facility for hire.
  • You must provide true and correct information.
  • You must ensure that information remains current at all times.
  • You must not share your password.
  • Do not provide other people’s contact details without their consent.
  • Council maintains the right to delete a community group or facility for hire as needed.
  • Council reserves the right to vary the material and information of the listing without notice.
  • Council will only disclose information provided on the application form for the sole purpose of managing the Community Directory or Halls and Facilities for hire listings. 
  • Council will not publish a person, club or group in the Community Directory unless requested by that person, club or group.
  • Council will not publish a facility for hire unless requested by the  authorised representative of that facility.
  • Information posted on the Community Directory or Facilities for hire listing may be kept on file and archived.
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