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Subletting a community facility

The Community Facilities Hire policy is in place to ensure that a consistent agreement is in place for the hire of Council facilities. 

See Community Facilities Hire Policy

Tenants authorised to hire out Council facilities must to use the Hire Agreement Proforma to ensure consistency of basic terms and conditions of hire across Council facilities.

Certification process

Tenants on a seasonal or lease agreement with Council can only sublet their facility if they have completed Council's Community Facilities Hire certification process.  

Groups receive certification by having the following:

  • nominated bookings officer who is required to undertake biannual training
  • approved emergency processes
  • approved booking documentation and processes.

Hire agreement proforma

All community organisations, groups and individuals wanting to hire Council owned or managed facilities are required to complete a Hire Agreement Form when applying for use of the facilities. 

An applicant needs to meet the following to use a facility:

  • Facility requirements
  • Council requirements
  • Relevant terms, conditions and legislation. 

See the Community Facilities Hire Handbook  (docx, 380KB)

Incident Reporting

Incident Report forms need to be maintained and supplied by Facility Managers/Booking Officers. 

The hirer must complete an Incident Report form, together with with the Facility Manager/Booking Officer, within 2 days after the event. 

Serious incidents must be reported to Council by calling 1300 88 22 33 immediately after the incident. 

Incident report form  (docx, 59KB)

Request for work 

Facility Managers can request that works be carried out on a community facility. 

Request for works in a community facility form  (docx, 54KB)

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