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Ward boundaries

Maroondah City Council currently has 9 wards: Barngeong, Bungalook, Jubilee, McAlpin, Tarralla, Wicklow, Wonga, Wombalano and Yarrunga. Each ward is represented by 1 councillor, giving a total of 9 councillors.

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Current ward boundaries

See the detailed map of Maroondah's ward boundaries, showing all bounding roads for each ward:

Map of Maroondah's 9 wards

Detailed maps

Victorian Electoral Commission

VEC ward maps for Maroondah

Maps listing each road

Barngeong ward

Bungalook ward

Jubilee ward

McAlpin ward

Tarralla ward

Wicklow ward

Wombolano ward

Wonga ward

Yarrunga ward

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