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Strategies and plans


Council has adopted a wide range of strategies and plans inform Council’s delivery of services, projects and advocacy efforts.

Our plans and strategies are informed by key strategic documents outlining the Council's vision - documents such as Maroondah 2040: Our future together, Council Plan 2017-2021 and Council's Long Term Financial Strategy.

Plans and strategies are listed according to the community outcome area that they work towards.

A safe, healthy and active community

Children's Plan

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Maroondah Health and Wellbeing Plan

Melbourne East Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy 

Open Space Strategy 

Physical Activity Strategy

Youth Strategy

A prosperous and learning community

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Master Plan

A vibrant and culturally rich community

Arts and Cultural Development Strategy

A clean, green and sustainable community

Carbon Neutral Strategy 

Habitat Corridors Strategy

Sites of Biological Significance

Sustainability Strategy

Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy

Water Sensitive Strategy

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Policy & Guidelines

Domestic Wastewater Strategy

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

An accessible and connected community

Maroondah Road Management Plan

An attractive, thriving and well-built community

Croydon Town Centre Structure Plan

Heathmont Structure Plan 

Maroondah Heritage Study

Maroondah Housing Strategy

Maroondah Planning Scheme

Ringwood East Structure Plan

Croydon Major Activity Centre Parking Study & Strategy

Melbourne East 2020 Regional Plan

An inclusive and diverse community

Active and Healthy Ageing Initiative

Disability Policy and Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

A well-governed and empowered community

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Municipal Fire Management Plan 2019-2022

Risk Management Strategic Plan

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