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Strategies and plans


Council has adopted a wide range of strategies and plans inform Council’s delivery of services, projects and advocacy efforts.

Our plans and strategies are informed by key strategic documents outlining the Council's vision - documents such as Maroondah 2040: Our future together, Council Plan 2017-2021 and Council's Long Term Financial Strategy.

Plans and strategies are listed according to the community outcome area that they work towards.

A safe, healthy and active community

Children and Families Strategy

Domestic Animal Management Plan

Equally Active Strategy

Maroondah COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Maroondah Golf Strategy

Maroondah Health and Wellbeing Plan

Melbourne East Regional Sport and Recreation Strategy 

Open Space Strategy 

Physical Activity Strategy

Equally Active Strategy

Youth Strategy

A prosperous and learning community

Ringwood Metropolitan Activity Centre Master Plan

A vibrant and culturally rich community

Arts and Cultural Development Strategy

A clean, green and sustainable community

Carbon Neutral Strategy

Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy

Domestic Wastewater Management Strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Water Sensitive Strategy

Domestic Wastewater Strategy

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan

Maroondah Vegetation Strategy 2020-2030

Waste, Litter and Resource Recovery Strategy 2020-2030

An accessible and connected community

Croydon Major Activity Centre Parking Study & Strategy

Maroondah Road Management Plan

An attractive, thriving and well-built community

Croydon Town Centre Structure Plan

Croydon South Neighbourhood Enhancement Plan 

Flood Management Plan 

Heathmont Structure Plan 

Maroondah Heritage Study

Maroondah Housing Strategy

Maroondah Planning Scheme

Ringwood East Structure Plan

Melbourne East 2020 Regional Plan

An inclusive and diverse community

Active and Healthy Ageing Initiative

Disability Policy and Action Plan

Reconciliation Action Plan

A well-governed and empowered community

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Municipal Fire Management Plan

Revenue and Rating Plan

Risk Management Strategic Plan

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