Receive your rates or animal registration notices by email

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Would you like to receive your rates or animal registration notices by email?

You can sign up to receive rates or animal registration notices by email. Once you register you will no longer receive a paper version of that notice

To register to receive either of these notices by email, you can either create an account where you can access your notices, or simply register to receive an email for each notice.

Register for electronic notices

You will need a previous rates or animal registration notice so that you can enter the details from the notice. 

  • Create an account: You can add property or animal registration details and view notices issued to you for each property or animal. You will receive an email when a new rates or animal registration notice is available to view. 

Create an account

A paper notice will only be sent if we are unable to email you, so it's still important to tell us if you have changed your mailing address.

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You can access your past notices at any stage by logging in:

 Go to our eNotices portal

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If you need help with registering or logging in, please call us on 1300 88 22 33.