Council elections

Maroondah City Council consists of 9 councillors elected by the Maroondah community every 4 years.

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducts Council Elections and manages all aspects of the election process.   

Who can vote in the 2024 Victorian local Council Elections?

You can only vote once in each municipality, not matter how many properties you own or occupy. You must enrol before 4pm on Wednesday 7 August 2024.

Voting is compulsory for everyone who is enrolled.

  • Owner occupier/State enrolled voters
    If you are an owner occupier (Australian Citizen), check your enrolment details or enrol to vote directly with the Victorian Electoral Commission.
  • Owner ratepayer (Non-resident or Non-Australian citizen)
    Up to two people per property can apply to vote if:
    • you pay Council rates on your home but you are not an Australian citizen, or
    • you own a property in a municipality that you don't live in full time e.g. holiday home, investment property or business property
    Apply to vote as an Owner ratepayer
  • Occupier ratepayers
    Up to two people per property can apply to vote if you rent a property and pay rates to Council, and you are not on the state roll in that municipality e.g. you operate a business out of a commercial property.

    Apply to vote as a Occupier ratepayer
  • Corporation owner or occupier (appointing a voting representative)
    Corporations that pay rates may be able to appoint one representative to vote.

    Apply to vote as a Corporation

Who can vote in the 2024 Victorian local council elections?

Election advertising requirements

See Information on election advertising signs in Maroondah:

Election advertising requirements(PDF, 49KB)

Candidate Election Campaign Donations

Section 306 of the Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) requires a person who was a candidate in the Council Election to provide an election campaign donation return to the Chief Executive Officer within 40 days after Election Day.

An election campaign donation return must contain details in respect of any gifts received by the candidate or on behalf of the candidate during the donation period to be used for or in connection with the election campaign, the amount or value that is equal to or exceeds the gift disclosure threshold ($500) including the amount or value of goods, services and in-kind support.

Section 307 of the Act provides that within 14 days after the deadline for lodgement of completed returns, the Chief Executive Officer must:

  • Submit a submit a written report to the Minister for Local Government, specifying—
    • (a) the names of the candidates in the election; and
    • (b) the names of the candidates who submitted a return under section 306, AND
  • Make a summary of each return available on Council's website until the entitlement date for the next general election in 2024.

View the Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations:

Summary of Candidate Election campaign Donations 2023(PDF, 113KB)

Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations 2022(PDF, 201KB)

Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations 2020(PDF, 53KB)

Campaign Donation Return FAQs and form

FAQ - Candidate Campaign Donation Return(PDF, 389KB)

Blank Candidate Donation Campaign Return Form(PDF, 255KB)