Immunisation History Requests and Status Certificates

The Australian Immunisation Register keeps a record of the vaccinations given to you and your child. They receive reports from all immunisation providers. 

Kindergarten & School Immunisation Certificates

The Australian Immunisation Register will send you 2 immunisation status reports:

  1. at 18 months
  2. after your child has completed their 4-year-old injections. 

The second report also acts as a school entry immunisation certificate. 

You can check your child’s immunisation status by:

Missing Records

If your child’s immunisation certificate is missing records, or you have received a letter from Centrelink, you will need to contact the immunisation provider where your child had the immunisations.  The immunisation provider will be able to help you and update the records on the Australian Immunisation Register.  If your child has missed some immunisations, they may need a catch up schedule

Immunisation History Requests

The Immunisation Team can provide you with a list of the immunisations you have received from our service.  Other immunisations provided by another service should be available from the Australian Immunisation Register. 

Apply online to find out what immunisation you have had with Maroondah’s Immunisation Service. An immunisation team member will respond to you within 10 working days.

Apply online

Further information

Contact Council's Immunisation team:

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