Council policies are developed to help govern how the organisation operates. A policy clearly sets out Council’s views with respect to a particular matter. It includes a set of principles or rules that provide a definite direction for an organisation. Policies may also outline organisational processes along with protocols for service delivery and civic administration.

Council’s policies are listed below according to the community outcome area that they work towards:

A safe, healthy and active community

Equally Active Policy

Maroondah Gambling Policy

Open Space Policy

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

A prosperous and learning community

Street Activities Policy 

A vibrant and culturally rich community

Public Art Policy

A clean, green and sustainable community

Carbon Neutral Offsets Policy

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) Policy and Guidelines

An attractive, thriving and well-built community

Building Over Easement Policy

Community Facilities Dedication Policy

Community Facilities Hire Policy

Community Facilities Occupancy Policy

Community Facilities Pricing Policy

Maroondah Public Lighting Policy

Maroondah Affordable and Social Housing Policy

Privately Initiated Planning Scheme Amendment Policy

An inclusive and diverse community

Maroondah Disability Action Plan 2022-2026

A well-governed and empowered community

Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Council Honours and Recognition Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Complaints Policy

Councillor Code of Conduct

Council Expenses Policy

Councillor Gift Policy

Customer Service Strategy 2021-2025

Election Period (Caretaker) Policy

Events on Council Land Policy

Fireworks on Council Land Policy

Governance Rules

Grants Policy

Guide to Service Standards and complaints handling

Live Streaming and Publishing Recordings of Meetings Policy

Petitions Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Public Interest Disclosures Act Policy

Public Transparency Policy

Rate Collection and Financial Hardship Policy

Risk Management Policy