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Fire ready in Maroondah

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) website is a key source of bushfire safety information. 

On the CFA website you can see:

  • fire danger ratings
  • total fire ban declarations
  • fire restrictions for the Central fire district, which includes Maroondah City Council

You can also learn how to safeguard your house against a residential on the Metropolitan Fire Brigade website.

Fire danger and restrictions

Fire restrictions can be applied across most areas of Victoria by the CFA, especially in the summer months.

Total fire ban days

Fires in the open air are legally restricted on days when the fire danger is extreme - on such days, the CFA declares a total fire ban. 

Find out what you can and can't do on days of total fire ban.

Read more about total fire ban days

Fire danger rating

Victoria has adopted a nationally agreed fire danger rating scale to help communities understand information about fire danger. 

A fire danger rating is a prediction of fire behaviour, including how hard it would be to put out a fire once it starts.

The fire danger period for 2021 is Monday 8 February 2021 until Monday 22 March 2021.  

Read more about the fire danger period

Fire clearance notice from Council

All property owners are encouraged to ensure their homes and properties are fire ready.

Fire clearance notices are sent to property owners if their property is considered to pose a potential fire risk.  

If owners do not comply with the notice, a contractor will be engaged by Council to complete the required works at the owner's expense.  

Council takes the risk of fire on vacant and unkempt land very seriously, and will issue fines if necessary.

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