Women in local government

Following the council elections in October 2020, Victoria leads the country in terms of the proportion of female councillors, representing a total of 43.8 per cent of councillors. This is a marked increase from our previous high of 38 per cent. Of the 76 councils that went to election, 47 now have a majority or women councillors or gender parity.

Maroondah City Council has endorsed the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter as we recognise the need for increased women's participation in local government. 

About the Charter

The Charter supports three key principles:

  • gender equity: advocating the equal right of women and men to be local government representatives.
  • diversity: encouraging the inclusion of different experiences and perspectives in local government and community decision making.
  • active citizenship: increasing the numbers and participation of women in decision making so that our community demographics are more accurately reflected in local government. 

Find out more about the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter.

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