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Preparing for emergencies

The short videos below were created as part of a joint project between several Councils to help members of the community prepare for emergencies.

View the Are you prepared videos

A booklet is also available. Download the Are you prepared for an emergency booklet  (pdf, 7MB).

Making an Emergency Plan

An Emergency Plan will help you think about what you will do if a fire, storm or flood happens at your home, or in your area. Your Emergency Plan can be used for all emergencies. When making your plan choose one or more of the guides provided below. Make sure you share your written plan with the rest of your family and friends. Practicing your plan will help you remember what needs to be done during a crisis.

To help you get started, download an emergency management plan such as the Red Cross RediPlan.  The plan should detail what you and your family will do before, during and after an emergency.

Resources that may be useful include:

Stay informed

Get up-to-date information from:

  • Vic Emergency  includes a real-time Google Map display with emergency events
  • Vic Emergency app - official Victorian Government app with fire warnings, information on planned burns and other types of incidents
  • Vic Emergency Hotline: 1800 226 226
  • ABC local radio: 3LO 774 AM
  • Eastern FM radio 98.1 FM
  • Ausnet Power Outages tracker
  • Department of Health Alerts advises the Victorian community of an issue that is urgent, poses an immediate threat to public health and requires an immediate response.
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