Commercial and industrial waste services

We offer waste collection services for both commercial and industrial businesses located in Maroondah. This service is an extension of Council’s household waste collection service and is for domestic waste only.  The service is suitable for waste from tea rooms (such as lunch scraps) and offices (such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and containers). Waste generated from industrial or commercial operations, such as offcuts, construction material, metal or timber is not accepted.

Contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 for further information or to arrange a new commercial waste service.

General waste lids are changing to red

If you request a new service, a bin replacement, or a lid replacement, your general waste bin will come with a red lid.  Over the next ten years Council will be replacing all general waste bin lids from green to red to align them with Australian Standards and the Recycling Victoria Policy.  

Commercial Waste Services

For commercially rated businesses, Council offers:

General Waste

  • 240 litre general waste bin service emptied once a week
  • 240 litre general waste bin service emptied three times a week.

Mixed Recycling

This service includes an optional 240 litre mixed recycling bin, emptied fortnightly.

Conditions apply, so please contact Council on 1300 88 22 33 to check if you’re eligible.


Annual costs for 2023/2024 (including GST):

  • 1 x week service = $770 per year
  • 3 x week service = $1,680 per year
  • Additional mixed recycling bin = $171 (limit 1 additional mixed recycling bin per property).

Industrial Waste Services

For industrial businesses such as factories, workshops and warehouses, Council offers either:

  • 120 litre general waste bin service emptied once a week
  • 80 litre general waste bin service emptied once a week


Costs for 2023/2024 (including GST):

  • 1 x 120 litre weekly service = $412 per year
  • 1 x 80 litre weekly service = $346 per year 

To ensure items can be processed efficiently, please be aware of what goes in your bin.

What you can and can't put in your bin

What you can put in your general waste bin

We accept:

  • rubbish, nappies, ceramics, meat and food scraps (bagged or wrapped)
  • window glass, mirrors, Pyrex and light globes (must be securely wrapped for safety)
  • non-recyclable plastics such as plastic bags or polystyrene (bagged or wrapped)

Please ensure your waste is wrapped securely and that you do not overfill your bin (the lid must close completely). Unsecured waste can blow into drains and into our waterways.

Secure your waste

Loose waste can stick to the walls of your bin and spill when tipped. Here are some ways to reduce your use of plastic garbage bags and safely secure your household waste:

  • Reuse plastic packaging such as bread bags, frozen fruit and vegetable bags, and rice and pasta packaging.
  • Reuse paper bags, boxes and newspaper to wrap waste.
  • Use compostable and biodegradable bag alternatives.

For more information see A to Z guide of waste disposal

What you must not put in your general waste bin

We do not accept: 

  • batteries 
  • recyclables
  • hot ashes
  • chemicals
  • garden organics
  • syringes
  • liquids
  • wood
  • unwrapped vacuum dust or polystyrene beads 
  • building renovation material
  • bricks, soil or rubble.

For more information see A to Z guide of waste disposal

Putting your bins out

Your bins need to be:

  • on the kerb by 6am on the day of collection, or ideally the night before
  • removed within one day of collection. 

Your weekly general waste will still be collected on a public holiday, even Christmas Day!

Placement of your bin

Waste collection trucks have a mechanical lifting arm, so bins need to be positioned to ensure the mechanical arm can reach and lift.

Please place your bins:

  • near the kerb or roadside with the wheels nearest to the house or property
  • 30cm (about 1 foot) away from additional bins to allow space for the mechanical arm to access each bin
  • at least 1m away from trees or light poles, this space is needed for safety reasons
  • away from parked cars
  • outside the truck turning zone – this applies to dead end streets, courts, etc 

Where special bin placement instructions apply, please continue to obey these instructions. 

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