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Request a copy of your annual Rate and Valuation Notice

The Rate and Valuation Notices are usually sent between July and September each year.

This annual notice lists the property details, property valuations, and the financials applicable at the time the notice was issued. 

If you have lost your notice, or didn’t receive it, you can request a copy. The copy issued will be an exact duplicate of the original issued notice.

There are two ways to access past Rate and Valuation Notices online; by signing up to receive eNotices or by submitting an online request.

Sign up to eNotices

You can sign up to receive all rates notices electronically, and this also gives you free access to notices where you were the ratepayer. Any notices from 2014/2015 that are in your name onward are available. 

More about eNotices

Request past notices online

 You can request notices be emailed to you.

  • notices from 2011/12 onwards are available
  • there is no cost for the current financial year, and previous years cost $20 per copy
  • copies will be sent via email within 3 working days. 

Can I request a copy?

To be eligible to request a copy, you must either be the owner or ratepayer at the time of the original notice. If you were not the property owner or ratepayer at that time, we are unable to provide a copy to you.

If you have recently bought the property, please email your request to where it will be assessed. 

To apply online

You will need the following information:

  • The property address as written on your Rate and Valuation Notice
  • The name the notice is addressed to (if a company, the company and director’s name)
  • Visa or Mastercard for payment, if payment required
  • Assessment number, if known.

Current financial year

Apply for current year

Previous years

Apply for previous years  

Didn’t receive your notice?

Have you registered for electronic delivery?

If you have registered to receive your notices by email or your bank, check your inbox and see if a notification is there. If you’ve changed your email address or banking provider since registering:

  • eNotices - try signing into the portal via your mobile number or old email address. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the Forgot your password? link on the portal page. Once in the portal you can update your email address ready for next time.
  • Bank - make contact with your bank. Copies of rates notices are not kept by the bank, so you may only be able to view your previous notice. You can also sign up to receive notices online via Maroondah’s eNotice portal

Have you changed your mailing address recently?

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