Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance

The Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance is a collaboration between six Local Government Authorities located in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne including the cities of Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Monash, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges.

Housing affordability is a growing problem in the Eastern Region of Melbourne (and Australia-wide).

The alliance aims to ensure that the most disadvantaged people in the Eastern Metropolitan Region can access safe, secure, affordable housing, with a view to better health outcomes and higher quality of life for all. Our primary means for achieving this aim is advocacy.

The alliance works to create enabling environments for increased investment by government and non-government stakeholders in social and affordable dwellings in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

Zone In: Real Action on Social Housing

Zone In was the Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance’s advocacy campaign in the lead up to the Victorian State Election in November 2018.

The campaign asked all political parties to commit to:

  • legislating to introduce mandatory inclusionary zoning in Victoria
  • delivering at least 11,420 new social housing dwellings in the Eastern Metropolitan Region by 2036. 

Introducing mandatory inclusionary zoning at a rate of at least 10% on all surplus government land and strategic redevelopment sites would guarantee a steady supply of new social and affordable housing across the state.

Inclusionary zoning has been used extensively in places such as San Francisco, London, New York and Vancouver. Closer to home, South Australia has a mandatory 15% affordable housing requirement in all significant development projects.  

Understanding affordable housing needs

While many of the factors that influence housing affordability are structural and beyond the control of local government, a clear understanding of the scale of affordable housing needs in the region is a first step to enabling a response to increasing affordability.

Research has been conducted to assess the needs of our community and the compiled in the following report:

Minimum Supply of Social Housing, Eastern Metropolitan Region 2016-2036(DOCX, 222KB)

Minimum Supply of Social Housing, Eastern Metropolitan Region 2016-2036(PDF, 4MB) 

Maroondah Affordable and Social Housing Policy 2018

The Maroondah Affordable and Social Housing Policy 2018 was been prepared to help Council better understand affordable and social housing issues, establish closer relationships and ongoing sharing of information with the local service sector, and clarify Council’s policy position in responding to affordable and social housing issues. 

Read more about the Policy