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Certificate in Creating Wellbeing

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Maroondah City Council and Communities of Wellbeing Inc are supporting local wellbeing leaders across our community to complete a Certificate in Creating Wellbeing.

The certificate was offered to leaders eager to learn more about the science and application of wellbeing and are keen to contribute to our community’s recovery from COVID-19.

By completing the certificate, participants will collectively support our community to become stronger by collaborating on projects and sharing ideas to raise awareness about wellbeing across Maroondah.

The course is being delivered between Tuesday 1 June and Saturday 16 October 2021.

The course consists of 11 x 90 min on-line sessions, 3 all day face to face sessions and a half day face-to-face final showcase.

Keeping up with the latest research and finding practical ways to apply these insights to help individuals, teams, families, workplaces, and communities can be challenging. This is why the Certificate in Creating Wellbeing gives you everything you need to help yourself and others.

The certificate covers:

  • Understanding why people’s wellbeing is meant to ebb and flow

Rather than chasing ever-higher levels of wellbeing, the certificate provides you with tools to help others AMPlify their wellbeing by improving their Ability, Motivation, and Psychological Safety to actively and intelligently care for their wellbeing, even during times of challenge.

  • Embracing struggle and stress as invitations to learning and growth and support your community to bring out the best in each other

Feelings of struggle and stress don’t have to undermine people’s wellbeing or performance – provided they have the tools to respond to these signs as opportunities for learning and growth. Throughout the certificate, we provide you with the language and practices to help others normalize and navigate struggle in ways that are good for them and good for others.

  • Supporting your community to bring out the best in each other

Wellbeing beliefs, experiences, and behaviours spread through a complicated web of social connections – no one cares for their wellbeing alone. The certificate is grounded in tiny impact projects that you can deliver alone or with your new classmates to make an immediate positive difference in your community.

Delivered over 5 months, the certificate includes 11 on line sessions, 3 all day face-to-face training classes and a half day face-to-face final showcase. The program includes resources, tools and support from a highly sought-after team of positive psychology and wellbeing researchers and practitioners.

The certificate includes:

  • A digital wellbeing library that is yours to keep

Breaking down the science of wellbeing into easy-to-digest micro-doses you can watch or listen to anywhere, as well as cheat sheets and bonus interviews with the world’s leading wellbeing researchers to support your learning.

  • Five days of face-to-face training

This is your chance to dive deeper into the science and practice, to build your skills as you safely experiment together, and to connect meaningfully with your classmates in order to build a stronger community.

  • Weekly virtual coaching calls

To make sure you don’t lose your momentum after leaving the classroom, you’ll have live virtual coaching calls. It’s a chance to keep unpacking what you’ve learned, help you stay accountable for applying your new knowledge, and ensure you stay on track.

  • Pay it forward challenges

This certificate is not just an intellectual exercise. We want you to be able to immediately apply what you’re learning in the real world, so we’ll help you pay forward what you’re learning to help others care for their wellbeing throughout our classes and coaching calls, including the delivery of a final impact project for your community.

  • An online portal packed with bonus resources you can steal (and share) with pride

Stay in touch and up-to-date between classes in our beautiful online portal, which includes recordings of all your classes so you can revisit as needed, your evidence-based toolbox, chat channels to connect with classmates, tips and tools forums, and easy ways to monitor your progress. 

The certificate will provide:

  • A wellbeing framework that positions thriving and struggling as a normal part of wellbeing.
  • Accreditation in the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey to help you reliably and confidentially measure and debrief the wellbeing of people, teams, workplaces, families, and communities.
  • An evidence-based toolbox of practical everyday actions and tools that you and use to help people care for their wellbeing.
  • A vibrant community of like-minded people who share your curiosity and commitment to make a positive difference in the world.
  • Sustainable change approaches at the ‘me’ (individual), ‘we’ (teams and families), and ‘us’ (workplaces, schools, clubs, communities) levels.
  • A wellbeing certification to add to your and the knowledge and resources to create positive change in your own community.

Beck Melville, Lead Teacher and Coach


Passionate about improving the wellbeing capability and confidence, Beck designs playful, evidence-based learning journeys to help individuals, whole communities and organisations navigate thriving and struggle. Beck is an experienced speaker, coach and wellbeing consultant and draws on her Masters of Applied Positive Psychology and her breadth and depth of practical experience in organisations and communities around the globe to uplift wellbeing capability and confidence and design wellbeing strategies that deliver measurable results.



This is a partnership between Maroondah City Council and Communities of Wellbeing to provide our community with the opportunity to complete a Certificate in Creating Wellbeing.



Further information

If you would like more information about the Certificate of Creating Wellbeing, including the program syllabus, visit the Wellbeing Lab website.

For more information contact Community Development Project Officer, Carissa Rash, on 1300 88 22 33 or email


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