Engineering Development Design Guidelines

The design guidelines relate to the preparation of paving and drainage plans to satisfy Town Planning permit conditions for multi-dwelling developments and subdivisions. 

Engineering Development Design Guidelines(DOCX, 2MB)

Engineering Development Design Guidelines(PDF, 3MB)

These guidelines have been developed to provide technical guidance and direction to developers and engineering consultants.

Using the guidelines

By preparing paving and drainage plans in accordance with the guidelines, engineering consultants can have confidence that plans should be able to be assessed and approved by Council with minimal amendments.

Design checklist

We suggest that engineering consultants provide a completed Engineering Development Design Checklist when submitting paving and drainage plans.

Engineering Development Design Checklist(DOCX, 259KB)

Engineering Development Design Checklist(PDF, 81KB)

Certificate of Compliance – Inspection

Within 14 days of completion of works, a Certificate of Compliance – Inspection, pursuant to Regulation 126 of Building Regulations 2018, must be prepared by an Engineer registered with the Building Practitioners Board in the category of Civil Engineer and submitted to Maroondah City Council, certifying that the works are completed in accordance with the endorsed paving and drainage plans and to the relevant standards.

Council has prepared a Certificate of Compliance – Inspection template, that contains the relevant fields Council requires. It is recommended that the template be utilised in preparing the certification. Download the template:

Certificate of Compliance – Inspection template(DOCX, 24KB)

Please include the address and planning permit number in the subject of the email. For example: “XX Street Name, Suburb, Post Code – M/XXXX/XXX – Certificate of Compliance - Inspection

All Certificate of Compliance – Inspection must be emailed directly to Council via

If you would like Council to arrange for a final inspection, please indicate that you wish to book an inspection and provide the appropriate contact details for Council to arrange the inspection.  

Further information 

Further information contact Maroondah’s Development Engineers on 9298 4292.