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Street trading and activities

Street trading

What is a street activity?

A street activity involves the use of public footpaths and land for commercial, charitable and entertainment purposes. Street activities can be a valuable use of public space and can add life and vibrancy to shopping strips.

Street activities generally fall under one of three categories:


  • advertising signs
  • display of goods, tables, chairs, awnings, blinds and ancillary equipment such as umbrellas, screens and heaters.


  • fundraising (sale of goods, raffles)
  • highway collections
  • door-knock programs.


  • performances
  • artworks
  • busking activities.

Why do I need a permit?

Council has a responsibility to regulate the use of public space to ensure street activities have a safe and positive impact on the community.

A permit is needed to ensure street activities are run safely and unobstructed access is maintained for people to move safely along footpaths and outdoor spaces.

Most street activities will require a permit issued by Council and in some cases, a planning permit and liquor licence may also be required.

Types of street activity permits

Permits are required for the following:

  • street activities
  • street performances (busking)
  • street art
  • street selling
  • community advertising billboards on Council land
  • real estate advertising on Council land
  • fundraising.

Activities not permitted as street activities on Council land include:

  • canvassing
  • spruiking
  • pledge programs
  • clothing bins.

Street Activity Zones

To ensure safe, clear and suitably unobstructed pedestrian access, street activity trading zones are made up of four areas:

  • Pedestrian Zone
  • Potential Street Activity Zone
  • Clearway
  • Kerbside Zone

Footpath Trading Zone

Street Activities Footpath Zone

Corner Footpath Trading Zone

Street Activities Footpath Zone - corner

 Further information on these zones is detailed in the Street Activities Policy 

Applying for a permit

The following guidelines will assist when applying for a Street Activities Permit:

Street Activities Policy Guidelines  (pdf, 2MB)

Street Activities Policy Guidelines  (docx, 34KB)

During the application process Council will consider what the activity will bring to Maroondah and give priority to activities that encourage and support local business and community groups.

Please note Council cannot permit any activity that will compromise pedestrian or traffic safety.

Applicants should also familiarise themselves with the Street Activities Policy before applying for a permit.

Permit fees

There are fees associated with street activities and these are determined by Council on an annual basis. Fees will be based on amount of land occupied and space made available for any given activity.

Charities and not-for-profit community organisations will (in most cases) be exempt from paying fees.

View our Fees and Charges page for further information on fees.

Street Activities Permit fees

For activities such as table and chairs, goods display, a-frame sign displays, shade shelters/umbrellas, free-standing barrier screens, pot plants/planter boxes and queuing for licensed premises, Council acknowledges the restrictions have had a significant impact on businesses within Maroondah.

To recognise and support you through the COVID-19 restrictions we have extended your Street Activities permit, which is due to expire on 30 September, to 30 June 2021.

What you need to do:

  • No payment is required for the extended 9 month period
  • Please ensure that you maintain a current public liability ‘certificate of currency’ during this time
  • All conditions of your current permit remain. Please continue to adhere to Victorian Government restrictions and guidance regarding business operations. 

We will send yo a permit renewal notice for the 2021/2022 period closer to your permit expiry date of 30 June 2021.  The new expiry date for permits will then become June 30, in line with the end of the financial year.

Public liability insurance

Anyone applying for a permit to conduct activities or place items in a street activity zone must have current Public Liability Insurance for the activities specified in the permit, in the name of the trader and providing coverage of at least $20 million.

Apply online or in writing

  • Street activities
    Street activities include: table and chairs, goods display, a-frame sign displays, shade shelters/umbrellas, free-standing barrier screens, pot plants/planter boxes and queuing for licensed premises. 
    Apply for a Street Activities permit
    To help our local hospitality businesses as they move out of COVID-19 restrictions, Council is now providing an opportunity for eligible traders to apply for a Street Activities Extension Permit
  • Street performance (busking)
    Applications will be considered on merit and street performers may be required to provide reference and/or samples. Approved sites and times are shown on the permit application.

    Apply for a Street Performance (busking) permit 

  • Street art

    Apply for a Street Art permit 

  • Street selling
    Council will support street selling by local businesses where the activity encourages healthy lifestyles, enhances the vibrancy of the area, encourages local business and is not in direct competition with other traders.

    Apply for a Street selling permit

  • Community advertising billboards on Council land
    Advertising billboards for approved non-profit Maroondah based community events may be considered at designated sites on Council land.

    Apply for a Community advertising billboards on Council land permit

  • Real estate advertising signs on Council Land
    A permit is needed for the placement of temporary real estate agent signs (A-boards) to be placed on the nature strip at or near a property for which the agent is acting. No sign may be placed on the road, on any roundabout, traffic island, or where it creates any hazard to pedestrian or vehicle safety.

    Apply for a Real estate advertising signs on Council Land permit 

  • Fundraising
    • General fundraising
    • Sale of organisation goods
    • Raffles
    • Doorknocks
    • Highway Collections/tin shakes 
    • Community food stalls and sausage sizzles

    Apply for a Fundraising permit

Further information

For further information on Street Activities, contact Council on 1300 88 22 33.

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